Total Time:  5 min
Prep Time:  5 min

Servings: 2

Pick out your favorite flavor of jell-o and mix with cottage cheese. This is just something very simple to do to spice up your plain cottage cheese. Add nuts, chocolate chips, whip cream, whatever you want and enjoy!


  • 1 small box jell-o gelatin dessert
  • 16 oz Darigold Cottage cheese


Mix the cottage cheese and as much jell-o powder that you want from the box. Add cool whip, chocolate chips, nut, etc. Whatever you like.

More about Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has a mild flavor and sweet. There are many styles of cottage cheese that are made from different milks. Cottage cheese is very versatile and can be eaten plain or mixed with a variety of items. These range from fruit to salads. It is thought that in the 1800’s, cottage cheese was made in cottages from left over milk after making butter. Somewhat similar in texture to cottage cheese, is ricotta from Italy. It is creamy white and sweet in taste, but much lighter.

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