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By November 30, 2014articles
cannolis recipe

Welcome to PureYummy.co!  I would like to introduce PureYummy.co.  It is a website filled with traditional Sicilian recipes given to me by my mother-in-law and her sister.  I have added a few of my own families, not so much Italian recipes, that we enjoy.  Please take a look at it.  We also are now part of an Amazon affiliate program.  What that means is that we can put Amazon ad’s on PureYummy.co, but we have to have traffic to Amazon from PureYummy.co or they will cancel it.  So I ask you please, if you want to purchase anything from Amazon.com, just click thru any Amazon link on PureYummy.co, and purchase whatever you want, and Amazon will know that you went there thru PureYummy.co.  Thank you ahead of time and we hope that you can find some yummy recipes on PureYummy.co.

I am in the process of cooking all the recipes again, for pictures, so if you don’t see a picture, know that the recipe directions are still there.

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