Quick and easy meals while you are moving

By January 29, 2015articles
buttermilk pancakes

One thing that I noticed is that when we are in to process of moving we tend to eat out a lot and it’s not always that healthy.  I decided to put together a couple quick and easy meals while you are moving, to make the transition from old home to new home a healthy one.

With a family of six, I need to have many options for my kids.  It’s best to keep them happy and the arguments to a minimum while trying to keep everything in line with the move.  I make sure to have a few different fresh fruits available for snacks.  Stuff like bananas, apples, grapes, etc.  These things don’t need much, if any, preparation and no supervision what so ever, with no clean up needed.

For breakfast, I have already made my buttermilk pancakes (http://www.pureyummy.co/recipes/buttermilk-pancakes/)  a couple days before and put them in the freezer.  These pancakes taste yummy whether hot or room temperature.  My girls eat them like a piece of bread without any syrup.  Are you noticing my plan?  None or little cleanup, and finger food.

Lunchtime, brings the fun with Lunchables.  #Lunchables are great because my kids rarely get them, and get excited when they do.  It has a little something of everything and even a drink.  For the adults, I make sure I have bread and some lunch meat for sandwiches and chips.

Make sure you have paper plates so you don’t have to worry about dirty dishes.  Dinner for our moves is always pizza.  My favorite, and my families, is #Costco pizza.  Super cheap, but delicious, big, and fast.  You can’t go wrong getting a couple pizzas for the friends that help with your move also.

Hopefully, helps make your move a bit smoother with your kids and you don’t have to worry about your kids during your move.

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