Food vs. sweets

By March 5, 2015articles
lenas banana slit cake

Food vs. sweets,  ever since I can remember I have loved baking.  I used to bring cakes and cookies into work all the time to share.  Baking is an exact science, you can not say “a dash of this” or “some of that”.  I’m an exact kind of girl and cooking sometimes is anything but exact.

While making all the recipes for pureyummy, I have come to enjoy making recipes other than desserts.  I make sure that all my recipes have exact measurements though, for others like me. Since I usually only made desserts I need to find new utensils and pans for cooking.  Walking throughout the kitchen area at Bed Bath & Beyond is exciting for me now.  My girls and I check out all the gadgets and cookware, thinking what we could use them for, or what recipes I already have that would benefit from them.

My family loves my broadening horizons with cooking.  I find it hard to by processed foods now.  I think, “well, that would be easy enough to make myself”, or “I could find a recipe for that”.  I however still love my desserts.  And yes, I am the mom that eats her dessert first whenever possible.

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