Family Visiting

By February 26, 2015articles
delaurenti shell cannoli

We had family visiting this past weekend, my almost a twenty year old niece.  It was great visiting with her and asking me to make certain things from pureyummy.  We didn’t get around to making the cheesecake, but I did make cannoli’s for her.  I cheated a bit by using the cannoli shells I bought in Pikes Market, at DeLaurenti’s.  Their shells turned out almost as good as home made, I must say. I bought chocolate covered shells and regular shells.  I also had purchases some caciocavallo cheese from DeLaurenti’s.  I used that to make spedini, however wasn’t able to take a picture because we ate all of them too fast.  Sadly, I just have to make some more, wink-wink.  I couldn’t believe all the Italian and Sicilian cheeses that DeLaurenti’s had.  I will be sure to go there again when ever I need some more.

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