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By March 12, 2015articles

It is very hard for me to eat and drink healthy. I am allergic to pollen. Therefore, I can not eat almost all fresh fruit and vegetables. The reason for this is because when the fruit and vegetable grow they absorb the pollen in the air. Along with fresh fruit and vegetables, I’m allergic to nuts, so you can see how my diet consists of caffeine and sweets.

What I wouldn’t give to eat cucumber or watermelon. My god, even a handful of dry roasted peanuts or pistachios! I can still remember the taste of these things from when I was a young girl. I also remember how horrible I felt after eating them and/or the terrible allergic reactions I incurred eating them. Over the years, I have tried to eat healthy, but as you might realize, it is a very hard thing to do. Since turning 40, I have been gaining weight and not feeling so well anymore. Thank goodness I’m not horribly overweight because of my eating restrictions, but I could definitely stand to loose about 35 pounds. I do not like coffee so I drink a lot of soda. Having four young girls I feel like I need caffeine to keep moving. I was speaking with a friend and she told me about #AdvoCare #Spark and how it helps her. That same day, walking thru #Costco, I stopped at a #Zipfizz stand.

For a week now, have been weening myself off the caffeine and using #AdvoCare #Spark and #Zipfizz. I have to say that I feel more awake and better about myself by not drinking so much sugar. I’m not sure which product I like better yet. Both products are great sources of multi-nutrients, for all those fruits and vegetables I can’t eat, and make me feel awake.

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