Cutting down on the sugary drinks

By April 16, 2015articles

Back in March, I wrote how I was cutting down on the sugary drinks like Coca-Cola and going to give products like Spark and Zipfizz a try.  Over the past year, I had become very dependent on drinking soda in order to keep myself wake during the day.  With four girls at the time under the age of  8, I was a busy girl.  I started to notice that I was gaining weight.  Nothing in my diet or lifestyle had changed so I attributed it to all of my sugar intake.  I would drink 3-4 cans of soda a day.

With over a month of trying both of the sugar free drinks Spark and Zipfizz I have decided that I like Spark by AdvoCare more.  Although, I like the carbonated-like taste of Zipfizz, Spark has a better overall taste.  I find all the powder will dissolve if mix a little bit of water with the powder first.  Fruit Punch is by far my favorite so far, but I can’t wait to taste the grape flavor.

I’m not sure if it’s mind over matter, but I only occasionally drink a soda now.  There is no way that I can give soda up completely, it’s too good.  But using moderation, I still can enjoy my favorite drink.  I feel better about myself,  feel more awake, and energized to get more things done.  My younger kids and I go for walks during the day now instead of just playing with toys or watching tv.  Try it out.  I hope you like the product as much as I do.


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